Cherryheath Welsh
   Springer Spaniels

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Reply cherryheath1
12:46 PM on August 13, 2013 
Thank you, it was so unusual to see a Welshie in the area that I didn't know but so good to see how friendly he was.
John Keepax says...
Hi we met in the car park outside the dog and bear. You spotted Archie in the back. Just looked at your website - brilliant pictures!
Reply John Keepax
3:19 PM on August 11, 2013 
Hi we met in the car park outside the dog and bear. You spotted Archie in the back. Just looked at your website - brilliant pictures!
Reply cherryheath1
6:51 PM on January 23, 2013 
Mollie says...
What a lovely website.
We are looking for a welsh springer puppy having just lost our very much loved 17 year old Irish x English setter. I worked for a welshie breeder some years ago and have wanted one ever since. Do you have any litters planned or do you know of anyone who does?
I look forward to hearing from you.
With kind regards

No sorry I am n ot planning a litter at present but if you email me I can let you know of someone that is
Reply Johan Janssen and Anna jensen
3:31 PM on October 24, 2011 
Dear Sharon,

We are looking at adding a Welsh Springer to our home. We still in the planning stage and would only be able to take one in from next summer onwards. Would really like to discuss possibilities as well as get some more information. Please send us an email and we can take it from there.

A great looking website by the way - nice to see all the different Springers and read up on them.


Johan and Anna
Reply cherryheath1
4:30 PM on July 19, 2011 
I will willingly reply to messages, please leave a means of contact: email or telephone
Reply Amelia
7:09 AM on March 22, 2011 

I want to know if you have any puppy available? I have conctated a couple of breeders but not luck so far. We live in West Sussex, we are a family of 3 including a 5yrs old son. I would appreciate if you can e-mail me so we can have a chat. Many thanks. Amelia (