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Sh Ch Cherryheath's Mr Mischief JW ShCM

Sh Ch Ferndel Aeron Magregor X Cherryheath's Miss Chief JW

DOB 14.7.11

Hip Score 7/6 = 13

Eyes clear G

2012 - 2019 update

2018-19 - now doing very well as a Veteran including BVIS at SEWSSC 2018 (champ) & 2019 (open) plus WSSC (Champ)

WSSCSW March 2015

CC under John Thirlwell

3rd and crowning CC Dec 2014 at LKA under John Senior

SEWSSC Oct 21st 2012

RCC under Sandra Bell

WSSCSW March 31st 2013

CC under Jane Graham

Border Union June 15th 2013

CC and BOB under David Howarth

 Awarded RCCs at Bournemouth, WKC, Birmingham & LKA in 2013

Awarded RCC at Blackpool in 2014

Crown gained at LKA 2015 under John Senior- see Show news

by Dec 2015 - tally now stands at 4 DCCs & 7 RDCCs

Reserve Best in Show - SEWSSC Jan 2013

Best In Show - WSSCSW aged 14 months

13 months old and looking quite grown up

BIS at Horley under Carole Wood aged 13 months

BPIS at S of E Gundog Club under Barbara Mills

BPIB at WELKS and days winner of POTY Puppy Stakes

8 months old - sitting in the sun with mum Ceri

6 months and 1 week: 4th MPD at Manchester 2012

DOB: 14.7.11

Sh Ch Ferndel Aeron Magregor Ex Cherryheath's Miss Chief JW

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